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Identifying the allergies causing your symptoms is an important part of your allergy care. Dr. Schnipper, a board-certified Allergist located in Murray Hill, New York, and New Rochelle, New York, can help identify the cause of your allergy symptoms. For more information about allergy testing, call the Steven Schnipper MD PC office nearest you, or book an appointment online today.

Allergy Testing Q & A

How do allergy tests work?

For patients with allergies, identifying what they are allergic to can be crucial. Whether it is a food or an environmental allergen, avoidance is going to be an essential element of an allergy treatment plan. In order to determine what you are allergic to, Dr. Schnipper may do allergy testing. This is usually a skin test, which takes only a few seconds, and does not use needles. It is much more comfortable than the old-fashioned scratch tests, and is well tolerated by children and adults. Also, it takes only about ten minutes to have results. For best results, it is best to be off antihistamines for a week before the test. If you are unable to be off antihistamines, you can still come in. Just tell Dr. Schnipper that you are taking antihistamines. An alternative for skin testing would be blood tests, and this approach can be appropriate for many people as well. It takes longer to get the results, but the results are not affected by antihistamines.